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"Beep Boop. Hey there, I'm here to show you how AI works!"'s concept had always been something that I knew was necessary on the internet. I felt that there needed to be a showcase of machine learning algorithms in an easily accessible, all in one format that made it easy for new people to learn how such powerful tools work. In the middle of its creation, I discovered Homemade Machine Learning one day on Hacker News which, at the time, did a much better job at conveying the concepts than my half-finished project did. One of the wisest things that I learned from a young age while developing is to never recreate the wheel, so I knew it was a good idea to format the repo in an easily accessible website format so that the ideas can reach as many people as possible.

Feel free to send a pull request to the website's open source repository if you feel I have missed any important algorithms or you have new ones you have created yourself which you would like showcased.